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Welcome to Kitplanes Northwest


  • Builder Assistance: We help shorten the time necessary to build your aircraft while providing you with the most valuable part of builder assistance - guidance and confidence. We are experienced in building Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman aircraft, as well as Velocity, Lancair and RV, kitplanes

    Our staff (including 2 A&P mechanics) have over 40 years combined experience building experimental aircraft and can tackle any project.

    Bring in your partially completed kit. We can inspect what has been done and assist in the last portion of your project. It's not too late to get professional assistance with your project.

  • Pre-Buyer's Inspections: There are many nice homebuilt aircraft on the market and some not-so-nice ones too. It is easy when purchasing your "dream airplane" to get blinded by the nice paint and upholstery. We will do a thorough and careful inspection before you buy, saving you aggravation and expense.

  • Annual Condition Inspections: We have A & P mechanics on staff who can either perform or assist you in the annual condition inspection of your homebuilt aircraft. Some of our customers have purchased a flying homebuilt and are required to have their aircraft inspected by an A&P mechanic.

    Many FBO's won't inspect experimental aircraft.  They don't know these aircraft, but we do.  We will take the time to walk you through your first inspection and show you what things you should look for on pre-flight inspections. Plan on an oil change during the inspection. We will check your engine sump screen during the inspection which requires draining the engine sump.

  • Aircraft Maintenance: We perform routine maintenance and repairs to your aircraft. Have a damaged part that needs replacing or just normal wear and tear? We can perform the maintenance for you.

  • Modifications: We can develop and install modification to your experimental aircraft to solve an existing problem or gain a little edge over your flying buddies. Is there something about your aircraft that has always bugged you? Ask us; perhaps we have a solution for you.

  • Custom Instrument Panel Fabrication and Installation: We can build and install (or ship to you) a custom instrument panel for your aircraft with the latest gear or your old favorites for a partial upgrade.

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