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Bob Hadley is the R&D manager for a California-based consumer products company. He holds a Sport Pilot certificate and a Light-Sport Repairman certificate with inspection authorization for his Jabiru J250-SP.

Fly Cutting a Cove With a Boring Head

Fly cutting is a great way to put a “finish” on a flat and true face. The sweeping tool marks are not only instantly...


All machined things (parts, tools, etc.) eventually have to be “finished” in one way or another. This may include tumbling, sandblasting or burnishing, but...

Bleeder Coupling

Bleeding hydraulic brakes of trapped air is something everyone who builds or works on airplanes eventually has to do. The process is fundamentally simple....

Calling All Collets

Most metal lathes come with a three-jaw chuck for a good reason: They are the best option for general-purpose work. They accommodate the widest...

A Pee-wee Herman

One of the nice things about living in Southern California is the weather. Very rarely does it get so cold that you need to...

Alternative Energy Projects

This month I’m taking a step back from doing the usual aircraft-related project to look at some “off the grid” projects that take advantage...

It’s a Knockout

When it comes time to remove and replace bearings or bushings that are press fit into tubes or deep recesses, don’t be that mechanic...

Second-Thought Tie-Down Eye

Every aircraft has tie-down points. Most of us never give them a second thought until a catastrophe strikes—like the big storm that threatened early...

Reverse Engineering a Glasair Tailwheel

One day last summer, seconds after rolling from the hold short line to depart Las Vegas’ Henderson Airport, a freak wind gust caught David...

Panel for the Idiot Light, Part 2

Given the compact nature of the Radiant Bingo 3 LED assembly, I figured mounting it would be a matter of finding some vacant real...

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Completion Secrets

Selecting the right build location, having a solid plan and making a realistic budget are just a few of the things you can do to keep your project on track.

Wind Tunnel

Critical flutter airspeed.

Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 8

Feeding the beast.

The New Guy

Ten tips for buying airplane stuff online. By David Boeshaar.