The AirCam Experience

Pure enjoyment flying low and going slow.

Sling High Wing

It’s the upside-down Sling!


American Legend Builds the “Mother of All Cubs.”

The Big Bearhawk

Bearhawk 5: more room, more horsepower…more everything.

Flight Review: Van’s RV-14A with Lycoming IO-390-EXP119 Engine

Van's Aircraft recently began offering a new version of the RV-14 and RV-14A kits with a high-performance Lycoming IO-390 rated at 215 hp. KP...

Flight Review: Van’s RV-14A

More power, more better.


Can CubCrafters make the tri-gear bush airplane a thing?

Sportsman in Transition

A closer look at the “Version 1.5” Sportsman.

Familiar Face

A lighter, more powerful engine gives the Lightning better performance.

Turbine Legend

Let’s celebrate the return of some very fine whine.

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A T-tail is a configuration where the horizontal tail is mounted on top of...

Reamer Madness

There are a number of things you will get good at when building an...


Become a UFOI enjoyed Vic Syracuse's article on flying and aging . When 93-year-old...


American Legend Builds the “Mother of All Cubs.”