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Have a completed aircraft you’d like to see in KITPLANES Magazine? Send us your completion report.

Fernandez Zenith Cruzer

This is actually my third attempt at an experimental. Three others started, but life kept getting in the way. After retiring from a 25-year...
Edward Parisi Sonex Onex

Parisi Sonex Onex

Sonex Onex N196XP flew for the first time on April 27th after a little over four years to complete. It's powered the 80 hp AeroVee...

Lindsey Van’s RV-6

I really enjoyed building this plane, I didn't get in a hurry to build it. I wanted to do it right. I had lots...

Gervae Cub Special

After 5 years and 2000+ hrs, I completed my plans built Cub Special. It has a Continental O-200A with Catto Prop, TK1 Shock Monster...

Todd Sonex Onex

My Onex finally flew on 9/21/21. Special thanks to Chuck B. for the help with ALL those rivets and Jim D. for help down...

Wood Legal Eagle XL

I completed my Legal Eagle XL at home and covered the wings in my living room and dining room over the winter. Great Wife!!...

Huttinger Zenith CH 750 STOL

When I made the decision to purchase the kit after attending a rudder workshop in November of 2015, I envisioned a three-year process at...
Bearhawk Companion

First Customer-Built Bearhawk Companion Completed

Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the first flight of a Bearhawk Companion, side-by-side two-place aircraft. The Companion is a utility aircraft with backcountry flying characteristics....

Gray Kitfox S7 STi

I started my Kitfox S7 STi build November 2018 and flew it November 2020. The guys at Kitfox have been extremely helpful along the...
Johnson RV-7 N9974P

Johnson RV-7

This is my RV-7 (N9974P) that was completed in August 2020 and given its airworthiness inspection by Vic Syracuse. I performed the first flight...

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