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   Lou Kitz - equipPC.com

We assist with the completion of kitplane projects
Performing Condition Inspections, Maintenance, and Modifications.

We can help you prepare your aircraft for the DAR inspection and first flights! We'll walk you through the final process with safety and confidence making sure your inspection goes without surprises. Do you want builder assistance but you can't choose your engine, avionics or modifications with a factory build program? You can with us. We are happy to help with custom, one-off projects.

Glasair I RG Aluminum Bearings
Glasair I-RG specialists
We have replacement Aluminum Oleo Strut Bearings. We rebuild, inspect and rework leaking struts and can rewire your gear system to use a pressure switch for turning off gear down pumping leaving micro-switches to operate the position lights only. Upgrade to factory hand pump for emergency gear deployment.

We service all Glasair RG models. Experienced in service, upgrades, and installations!

Ron Hoelting's N87RH Project is completed and for sale


Click HERE for a walk around sales video.

Click HERE for a list of equipment and specs.

2003 Glasair III Kit for sale
Jumpstart ++

S   O   L   D

Price changed to $49,000 firm due to the extra work completed recently.

From the factory would be well over $80,000

Click here to see early construction photo gallery

Click here for more information and current progress pictures

Glastar/Sportsman Wing jig added!

Kitplanes Northwest has added a wing jig for completing the Glastar Quick build wings.

This jig can also be used for the Sportsman line of aircraft. If you would like assistance in finishing your wings and perhaps preparing your project for inspection and first flight please give us a call.

We have added our new Photo Albums to the website.
You can view them by clicking on the "Photos" link in the left navigation menu.

Congratulations Brian Rossi on your First flight!

Brian Rossi RV-7 Painted

Thank you JMI Motoring at Arlington Airport for the great paint job!

              RV-7 N383Z SOLD.

Bill Dion's beautiful Glasair FT JMI Motoring did nice work on the paint job. millerind@msn.com

Congratulations Bill Herrington on you Glastar's First flight!

Congratulations Scott Stuart on you Sportsman's First flight!

Congratulations Rudy Urban on your first engine run in your RV-6!

Belated Congratulations Mark Reed on your Sportsman's first flight!

Congratulations Hiroo Umeno on successfully completing your Velocity SUV ...and your first flight!

Congratulations Bill Dion
on your first flight in N988NA!

Glasair Aviation LLC.      Velocity Aircraft Inc.

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